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Cancellation & Late Policy

Riding Horses
Welcome to Hells Hollow


All cancellations are to be made within 24 hours for both Horseback Riding.

Please call if weather is a concern, we will gladly reschedule your tour!

All guests will be charged 100% of the tour should you cancel in less than 24 hours of your scheduled arrival time.  We work hard to plan for all the members in your party - so if you have to subtract a person and do so in under 24 hours, we will charge for the person(s) not attending. 

Should we have the need to cancel any tour for any reason all guests will receive a full refund with no cancellation fees applied.



For the convenience of all our guests, we strive to maintain a tight departure schedule.  

Our tours depart on time, every time.  


All guests are required to check-in at the adventure outpost 15 minutes prior to the departure time.  Guests who show up late are not entitled to any portion of a refund.  Rescheduling late arrivals will be subject to current availability, so you may be bumped to later in the day, or you may be scheduled for a different day.  

We do our best to fit everyone in and do what we can to make sure each and every person at Hell's Hollow Adventure Outpost has an enjoyable time while with us!

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