Here is some STUFF you NEED TO KNOW before you GO!

The Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure in Blue Ridge, Georgia takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete for a party of 6. This heavily depends on skill levels and current course capacity.  Smaller groups of less than 6 will likely finish in less time.  Groups of more experienced zip liners would also finish in less time depending on course capacity.

In order to expedite your check in process we ask that all guests arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure and be prepared to be outdoors for up to 2 hours.  We encourage all guests to bring a small back pack or fanny pack to hold a bottle of water or a snack or both.

Our canopy adventures leave on time, every time.

Our guides run on a tight schedule and we cannot wait for late arrivals.  DON'T BE LATE! 


We also recommend that all participants download and fill out our Participant Agreement (which is a PDF you can download and print) ahead of time.  This will greatly expedite your check-in process and help us avoid any last second delays.  To download our Participant Agreement click on the PDF at the bottom of the page.   

What To Wear
Guests should come dressed for current weather conditions.  During winter hours we recommend wearing several layers as conditions on the course can change throughout the tour. 

Here are some Guidelines on Clothing for different weather days:

Hot weather (85 degrees or above) 
Long shorts, light weight long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, athletic shoes or light hiking boots, rain gear if needed.  
Warm weather (60 - 85 degrees) Long pants or long shorts, long sleeve shirt or wind jacket, athletic shoes or light hiking boots, rain gear if needed.

Cool weather (30 - 60 degrees)
Long underwear, turtleneck or long sleeve shirt; long sweatshirt, sweater or fleece jacket; long pants, light weight jacket, athletic shoes or light hiking boots, light fleece or wool gloves, and rain gear if needed.

Cold weather (30 degrees or below)
Cool weather gear (above) plus a pair of insulated, waterproof boots if snow fall is predicted, winter-weight jacket, ski pants, neck warmer, fleece or wool hat, goggles or wrap-around sun glasses with retainer strap.

Clothing Notes

We recommend long pants or longer style shorts for comfort with the harnesses.  Shirts should be long enough to be tucked into your pants in order to prevent the harness from rubbing on the skin.

Guests with long hair should bring a hair tie or clip to pull the hair back.

Dress prepared for periods of activity and inactivity.

All guests must wear sturdy, closed toed shoes or boots.  Sandals, flip flops, slip-ons, crocs are not acceptable and will not be permitted on the tour.

The Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure cannot be held responsible for lost goods on the tour.  Please leave all valuables including jewelry at home or locked somewhere safe.

What To Bring

A good attitude and adventurous spirit!

No personal items should be carried on tours if not medically necessary;  our guides will not retrieve your dropped items such as phones, sunglasses, keys, etc.

Medications.  Since we will be travelling through areas with limited access and where medical help could be some time away, please bring all medication immediately necessary to prevent the onset of a more serious condition.  Such items may be asthma inhalers, nitroglycerin pills, EpiPens, insulin, etc.

Cash to tip your guides.

Food, water and snacks for before or after the tour.  You are welcome to hang out, enjoy the views, and watch others as the prepare for their adventure.

Bug spray during summer months.

What Not To Bring

The use of cell phones is prohibited while on the canopy adventure.  Anyone caught on a cell phone during the canopy tour will be removed from the course.  Please leave your cell phones in your car.  We are not responsible for any items left in vehicles.

Pets.  No accommodations will be made for pets during the tour or at the Adventure Center.  Please leave pets at home.  The only exception to this policy is for trained leader dogs.  If you require assistance of a leader dog or animal, we request that you provide us with advance notice.

Smoking, chewing tobacco or dip, alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the tour.  Although smoking is allowed outside at the Adventure Center, we respectfully ask that you be courteous to non-smokers and please dispose of your butts in a proper manner.

The Blue Ridge Canopy Adventure is located approximately one half mile from the Adventure Outpost and is not easily accessed by trail or any other means.  Guests who are not participating in the canopy adventure are welcome to stop by but are not allowed to travel along on the ground below the tour.